Startup CTO as a Service

offering from Sigma Software
Co-partnering with Wellstreet

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About event

Sigma Software team will tell how CTO as a Service offering helps startups to bring their products to the market quickly and cost-wise, manage all sides of product development and establish great collaboration with external suppliers. This will include overview of typical problems startups have and ways to solve them, including:

  • Finding a balance between being flexible and fitting deadlines and budget
  • Selecting proper technologies and designing reliable architecture
  • Avoid spending costs on not needed features and activities
  • Quick business idea/product validation
  • Translating business needs to product requirements and communicating them to dev team with minimum overhead and more.

The investment company and our partner Wellstreet will be co-hosting the event to present the experience of startup projects, the success of which was facilitated with CTO as a service offering, Sigma Software superb technical expertise and Wellstreet entrepreneurial spirit, rooted in the company and driven by its founders.

After the presentation, guests will have a chance to ask Sigma Software and Wellstreet experts any questions regarding CTO as a Service offer, software development outsourcing in general and what benefits and advantages this offering gives startup companies while applying for investments from the investment company.

This is a great chance for you to find out valuable hints regarding new products development and establishing successful collaboration with external development partner.

Event Agenda

  • 08:45 Registration and welcome note from Sigma Software and Wellstreet.
  • 09:00 CTO as a Service Workshop – talks by the speakers.
  • 09:45 Haider Abdo – firsthand experience of applying the service to the startup business.
  • 10:00 Q&A section moderated by Ted Bowman, industry expert and consultant.
  • 10:30 Fika and mingle - use the opportunity to connect with Sigma Software and Wellstreet key team members.
  • 11:00 Finish – prizes draw and closing word from the hosting parties.

Sigma Team

Artem Petrenko

Director. Business Development.

Anton Marukha

Senior Project Manager / Account Manager

Dmytro Lapshyn


Haider Abdo

Founder & CEO of Returnado

Ted Bowman

Industry expert and consultant


September 5, 9.00-11.00

7A Centralen, Vasagatan 7

Apply for the Workshop


All participants are welcome to initiate hot discussions and experience sharing regarding cooperation with in-house/external IT teams. We want active contributors to get rewarded for their experience sharing.

Grand Prize – Visit to Kiev

Sigma Software will sponsor:

  • Trip to Kiev (airline tickets);
  • Visit to Sigma Software office in the beautiful city location Podol, close to the Dnipro river;
  • Introduction to Sigma Team;
  • Excursion to famous Kyiv roundabouts and dinner with Sigma Software key team members.

Winning Prize – App Prototyping and UI/UX assessment

The look and feel of a mobile application or website is almost as important as its functions and content. Dynamic interaction models, streamlined user tasks flows and clear layout define how users interact with your product. Get your 40 free hours of UX assessment and prototyping with Sigma Software UI/UX experts to build your new app (if none is available so far) or discover the ways to perfect users’ engagement with your app according to the newest industry recommendations.


Sorry, the event is over. Please contact us if you have questions regarding CTO as a service.